How to Play

Don't know how to play this game? No worries, we are here to teach you the ways of the world. 

Find a flat surface for our award winning  blocks. 
Have one of your peasant friends construct the tower on that surface.
Lay down 3 blocks at a time, changing the direction of the blocks 90 degrees with each new layer.
There should be 18 rows total. Make sure the tower is straight.
Choose a player to start. Truly nothing matters, we are all just living on a giant floating rock. 
One at a time, a player must remove a block from the tower. You can use one hand, two hands, we don't care. 
Once a block is removed, the player must read the block aloud and abide by the block's rules. 
After the deed is done, neatly stack the washed up block on top of the tower. 
Keep playing until the tower falls.
The group shall decide a consequence for the unlucky wench who causes the blocks to come crashing down. We usually like to make them finish their drink, take a shot, or shun them for life... the decision is yours.
Restack the tower and repeat the steps until you run out of friends or alcohol... whichever comes first.
    Please note: Consent is key. Some of our blocks suggest consuming alcoholic beverages, kissing another player, using another player's carcass for body shots, etc... Please drink responsibly and do not attempt any of these risky maneuvers without receiving explicit consent from the other parties involved - no matter what our dumb blocks say.
    Alcohol is not needed or required to play ANY of our games, it's just a recommendation - a really fun recommendation! We do not encourage or promote underage drinking and PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE - EVER. Seriously, your life, as well as the lives of others are precious - don't F it up egghead.


    Why are you still reading this? Get after it.


    North American Weekend Association